Honeywell Flexguard 5853 Glassbreak Detector

(Bryan Kramer) #1

Has anyone tried to wire-in the above sensor into an ST system? Rumor has it that it can talk Z-wave. I got one but I am not able to add it to the network using the conventional methods.


This is not a zwave device, it’s IR and has to be connected to a Honeywell 5800 panel controller.

A lot of people get confused because Honeywell sells a zwave bridge for the 5800 which can then connect zwave devices TO the 5800, but that doesn’t mean all the 5800-compatible devices are zwave, and this one is not.

Linear makes a zwave glass break sensor which gets rebranded for other companies, I think that’s the only one that’s certified, but you could check. Look in both the Sensor and the Security categories:

However, I don’t think there’s any glass break sensor that currently works with SmartThings. :disappointed:

(Bryan Kramer) #3

Thanks - now I’m wondering if I can steal any wirings/connectors off this unit and bolt-on a simple O/C window sensor that DOES have Z-wave to make the thing work. I followed the link you provided but Amazon did not offer the actual glass break product.


I’m pretty sure that the $40 glass break detector that Lowes is selling for Iris, which is zwave, is the linear unit, just rebranded as Utilitech.

That’s an audio sensor, so it can be mounted on the ceiling or a different wall in the same room.

However, I don’t think anyone has written a device type for it yet that would work with smartthings.

As far as hacking the Honeywell unit, I don’t think it works the way you suggest. So connecting it to an open close sensor won’t really help.

All it does is send a silent alarm to A Honeywell 5800 panel, so without the 5800, there’s nothing for it to do.