Honeywell Evohome Rant! Wish i had never bought it!

This should be titled. Is Evohome a Scam? Buy a very expensive thermostat to NEVER receive updates. Honeywell does not care about evohome. Smartthings integration is yet to come, even after 5 years of being announced. Horrible app, slow and keeps longing you out. Honeywell says it is a “Smart thermostat”. What they really mean it that you can remotely control it. There is nothing even remotely smart about evohome. Honestly one of the worst products i have ever bought for my smarthome. I wish i had never bought it! I have spent 260 euros on this thing and it is absolutely useless. Heck it doesn’t even have an icon to show when the burner is actually On! so disappointed. This product had so much potential and was way ahead of its time. Now it just feels so outdated and crappy…

I agree with you. Honeywell products in the UK/EU are poor. They have similar products in the US which are far better. I can understand the need for this category of product to be different to US ones due to the significant differences between US heating systems and UK/EU ones. However Nest managed to do a reasonable job despite this.

(Ecobee don’t even try as none of their products are supported for Europe.)

Yes and the only other solid option which is tado insists not having an integration with smartthings. Honestly i feel that i have been ripped off by Honeywell. I had to pay a premium to get it from the UK to Cyprus and even struggled to find the hot water kit. 2 and half years later it is the same basic product i got the day i set it up…

Tado themselves have so far failed to product an official Smartthings integration there is a feature request listed here -

I currently use a Nest v3 but do plan to switch to Tado. Tado is certainly not perfect indeed the number of annoyances has grown but right now it is the best of a bad bunch. There is an unofficial Smartthings integration in these forums here -

What type of heating system do you have? Do you have multiple zones? Radiators? Underfloor heating? Electric underfloor or baseboard heaters?

I have just 2 zones the thermostat and hot water. I saw netatmo but it requires 2 controllers to operate both.

Yes, whilst Netatmo have matching radiator TRVs they only support one zone and I don’t believe they do hot water either. I believe Heatmiser might be a possibility but again like Tado this will be via an unofficial Smartthings app.

How many TRV’s are you using ? Without those on each radiator its useless, and a Nest would suit you better.

Evohome is only really cost-effective when running over multiple zones. We have it running to 6 zones over 3 floors on 11 radiators with the hot water (1 x Control panel, 11 x TRV’s and 1 x HW), and if you’re using the control panel or app regularly then its probably not optimally setup - a good heating system is one where you’re comfortable and never need to touch any controls.

It extremely clever in knowing when to turn off the heating late at night, based on the heat loss in each room (measure by the TRV’s) etc… Similar smartness in switching it on early in the morning, so its warm when you’re up.

Forget about ST integration, use IFTTT with the ST presence sensors to turn it off/on according to occupancy.

In terms of updates, the control panel has regular (annual) firmware updates - the latest version now includes outside temperature and there’s another due soon which (its in beta) uses the external temperature in calculating when to turn things off/on.

iphone app is fairly steady as well, never crashes or logs me out.

The user-interface is a little old-fashioned, but if you’re using it regularly then its not optimally setup.

I never bought TRVs. I waited to see if the product wouls be worth it as i would need about €2000 in TRVs to cover the house. Also if i wanted to use IFTTT, i wouldn’t bother writing about a smartthings integration. What i want is a 2 zone thermostat which is officially compatible with Smartthings, can be bought from the UK and is not crap. I don’t care about smart. I can make my own automations once in smartthings. Also the updates you are referring to are minimal at best and very scarce! Honestly i want to get rid of it but there is no viable option at the moment.

Oh and one more thing. I switched my alexa account the US to get features such as location and guard working and guess who had to crash the party?! Evohome once again, because the total connect comfort internation skill is not available in the US because apparently the US is not part of the list of International countries according to Honeywell. What a shitty product and company!