Honewell Lyric no longer detected as a thermostat in webcore

This morning I got a notification that the credentials for my honewell lyric (T5) integration had been lost. There was no way to reuathorize the existing app because it no longer showed up. So instead I added the device again. The connection to my thermostat was restored but the old device was still present. I deleted the old device. I then realized I would have to update all the webcore pistons I had set up to use the “new” thermostat. However when I went to select the thermostat to control, this thermostat did not appear. I have a 2nd thermostat from ecobee, that’s the only one that showed up.

Has anyone else had this problem? I tried to troubleshoot by editing the device handler in the IDE to be the same as the old device type (tried honeywell thermostat and honeywell T5 thermostat. Neither helped.

I can still see its status in the app and I can create native routines and scenes, so SmartThings knows its a thermostat.

I then attempted to make the webcore piston just use a routine I created. This is where things got weird. I was able to choose to run a routine but was unable to actually select a routine to run. The button to select a routing was simply greyed out.

So now none of my automations work with the honeywell thermostat. I suspect this is a webcore issue given what I’ve tried and I may have to just delete the pistons and see what functionality I can get out of the more basic built in routines functionality.

Your comment about going into settings got me thinking. The item you mentioned is not present. I am running a 2 year old version of CoRE, instead of the latest webCoRE from github. I didn’t realize that. I’m going to upgrade to that and see if this resolves the issue. Thank you.

Update: My first comment was about editing a piston. Now that I’m in the latest version of webcore I went into settings>available devices and I tried looking through the capabilities sections. I see the thermostat as say a temperature sensor, but it still doesn’t show as a thermostat device. This is very new since it only happened today. I suspect other users of webcore and honeywell thermostats will start to trickle in as time goes on. In the meantime I’m going to see if I can figure out how to use this new version of webcore, it seems really confusing to me.

Second update:
The thermostat doesn’t show up in the 2 default lists of devices, and when I try to manually add it as a refreshable device or a temperature sensor I end up getting dead ended during the add process where the only thing I can do is cancel and discard changes.

I would suspect that webcore might be looking for the thermostat capability. The Groovy Honeywell integration used the thermostat capability while the new ST Schema version does not. The thermostat capability is an oversized and long deprecated capability that is better broken out into discrete capabilities.

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Thanks for the info. So for now it sounds like there’s nothing I can do.

Yep. It looks for a comprehensive but rather outdated list of capabilities. That said there is usually something that matches up unless you are really unlucky.

That’ll do. You are authorising devices. The capability is just to give you a list.

The device will already be authorised by the time you see those messages. The settings flow in the app doesn’t gel very well with webCoRE for some reason.

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Thanks! For whatever reason I had to do that one more time but now the thermostat shows up as a device that I can read from and perform actions with!

I just have to port over what I had set up in the old CoRE app to the new one, but it looks like the new one has a lot of features that I didn’t realize I wanted.

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