TCC Thermostat not visible to SmartApps

Hello everyone,

I’m running in to an issue where my Honeywell TCC Thermostat will not load up in any SmartApps such as Keep me Cozy. When I go to select which thermostat, it just says “(Required) No device found”

Oddly, the thermostat itself works fine in the SmartThings app (latest version), and it works fine in WebCore too. I’ve already removed and reauthorized it, but it’s still invisible to the SmartApps.

I realize that I can pretty much replicate most SmartApps as webcore pistons, but sometimes it’s not as convenient, so I’m just curious if anyone has seen this issue or has a suggested fix for it.

Thanks in advance!

At least you have TCC. In Europe they dont even care. My Evohome is a junk of a product…

also having the same problem with honeywell tcc 8000.