HomeKit to Zwave/Zigbee bridge?

Interesting. Vaporware at the moment, but interesting. I was wondering if Apple was going to allow connecting to the millions of pre-existing devices that are already out there! I really don’t feel like buying everything all over again!


Read about the Focalcrest Mixtile Hub earlier. Company claims it has an official Apple MFi license for the Mixtile Hub, so will certainly keep my eye on this. Article:

Would love Hub like this to gain HomeKit + Siri control without change existing devices. Personally doubt it will be that simple. But don’t see Samsung ever incorporating (cough Apple) into ST Hub so glad to see others thinking of Hubs like this.

See the existing discussion thread:

The chip may be certified, but the bridge itself is not yet. See the discussion in the other thread. Apple insider has asked the company for more details.

Ahh, thanks for the clarification. Will follow to see what additional info is obtained.