HomeKit - might not integrate with zwave/zigbee "control" devices


So, there may be some FUD here, but…

Take a look at the article above. It’s a bit concerning for those who play in the Apple playground. This quote in particular:

…Apple limiting the list to non-Wi-Fi accessories that “don’t offer users control of the home.” This rules out a lot of accessories such as thermostats, door locks, and even light bulbs, which will have to go directly through the MFi program and implement the HomeKit protocol.

Perhaps @Ben or even @alex (I don’t usually call Alex, but this one is a biggie) can offer some insight into this? I’m hoping that either the information is incorrect, incomplete, or the program is still in its infancy and more functionality may be announced soon.

The text of that article is 3rd or 4th hand at best, and is not at all in line with Apple’s own presentation on the subject of bridges. From what I can tell from Apple’s presentation at CES, one could implement a HomeKit bridge quite simply using the HomeKit APIs. In their presentation they mention how the devices that connect to the bridge need not be HomeKit capable, but become HomeKit addressable devices thanks to the bridge.

Where the rubber meats the road will be the App Store, and which apps Apple allows to be published. Based on their level of control today in the App Store, there shouldn’t be much of an issue getting things approved that work. Apple’s goal has to be to strengthen their own ecosystem by hooking iOS devices deeper into home control with HomeKit. Time will tell…

I would agree with @bravenel on this. People have already got it working (sort of hacked together) to push out API commands. I have it now so I can ask Siri to lock a door and Turn lights on and off…just haven’t done the API integration yet.

This was mentioned it the “main” HomeKit thread:

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All this is saying is if it could be controlled throught the MFi spec it should be. If it can’t be in the case of direct controlled z-wave and zigbee stuff like our zwave/zigbee swtiches and dimmers, STs can add that stuff to Siri control.

In the case of Hue, you will need a hue bridge to be MFi certified before siri can control it.

Hope i’m making sense.