Homekit devices into ST? (via Homebridge?)

First of all apologies if the answer does exist - I havent seen much about this for a couple of years when searching…

Is it possible to bring things that have Homekit support into ST? i.e. the reverse of what Homebridge usually does and providing a route into ST from homekit devices (that obviously don’t have native ST links or DTHs)

Can Homebridge interface with Homekit devices and represent them back into ST or is the relationship one way? @tonesto7 I suspect the answer to that is no but I thought I’d ask as an easy answer, though there may be other ways to acheive this?

Context - Homebridge has a great plugin for things like Ring cameras, but can ST consume that data via Homebridge or just Homekit clients?



The only way I’ve been able to go homekit/homebridge to ST is with virtual devices. Present ST virtual switch to homekit via homebridge. Use homekit automations to Turn the ST virtual switch on/off when the homebridge/homekit device triggered.

I currently use this for homekit iphone presence detection -> ST.


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I second @sidjohn1 :

Something to consider: If you are looking for automation rather than controlling devices through a specific app then you could run these automations in Apple Home rather than Smartthings. e.g. my I use Apple Home to turn on/off Ring alarm based on SmartHome Monitor.

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The method I have seen that has what seems to be the best approach is to setup Home Assistant which does support importing HomeKit devices as it has both the standard HomeBridge option and a HomeKIt client option.

Once you have added the HomeKIt devices to Home Assistant you can then link Smartthings and Home Assistant via MQTT and share the devices from Home Assistant to Smartthings.

MQTT support is available via add-ons for both Smartthings and Home Assistant.

If you still want to use the devices in HomeKit itself then you use HomeBridge to share the devices back to HomeKit. As per the following.


Good god that’s complicated but it’s worth a go to see how well it operates. It might be spot on though as it allows me to not only bring in HomeKit but presumably also anything available with HomeBridge plugins. That might alleviate a load of difficult missing DTHs I face. I’ll give it a go and report back in case anyone else finds this thread.