Virtual Switch + Homebridge to connect devices that don't connect to ST (ie Insignia Switch)

(Jimi Moore) #1

I have some Insignia Light Switches that I’d like to get integrated with SmartThings. Since they are not natively supported I was thinking maybe I could use Homebridge to accomplish my goal. (I’ve already got Homebridge setup and running perfectly)

Could I create a virtual/dummy switch in ST and tie it in with SmartThings via (JSON Complete API) Homebridge? If the dummy switch could be connected to both platforms that way I could then trigger the Insignia switch back and forth from each platform via the virtual/dummy switch.

Has anyone accomplished this sort of thing? Can someone point me toward the best virtual/dummy (maybe even stateless) switch options currently available?

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I do this with a few HomeKit switches I have.

First get your insignia switches to show up in the home app.

Second create a virtual SmartThings switch (you can just make it a regular switch) and connect your SmartThings to HomeKit via HomeBridge and make sure you expose the virtual switches so they also show up in the Home app.

Now in the home app make a few automations so that if one switch turns on turn on the other switch and vice versa. You will need to make 4, an on and off for both. This way if you toggle either of them its reflected in both the home app and SmartThings.

Shouldn’t be too difficult. Just a bit of work to setup.

(Drew) #3

Old thread, but did you ever get this working? I have quite a few insignia switches and have yet to be able to get control via homebridge and virtual switches (virtual swithches do not show up in homekit?)