Pull in Devices from HomeKit?

I have Homebridge set up so I can see my ST devices in my iOS Home app. Has anyone figured out a way to reverse that? Sadly, I got one of the HomeKit-only Schlage door locks just prior to getting my ST hub (or I would have gotten the sister device). I suspect I’m out of luck but I couldn’t seem to find anything doing some initial searching.

Homebridge is one way. Its a way to import devices into homekit. Don’t think you can do it the other way.

However, like you I had a few devices in HomeKit that I wanted to control with smart things. The only way I could think to do this was like this.

  1. Create a similar simulated device in smartthings
  2. Have that device imported into HomeKit
  3. Setup HomeKit rules to mirror the two devices.

For #3 you would probably want to create rules like below in the home app

  • If door unlocked set the ST device to unlocked
  • if door locked set the ST device to locked
  • if st device locked set the door to locked
  • if st device unlocked set the door to unlocked

While its not straight forward it should get you what you want. i currently do this for 3 homekit dimmers.