Automotation of lights

We have a motion sensor at the door of our rec room so that when the kids come in the lights come on at simmer level 50%. However, whenever we are watching a movie and someone walks by the lights get brighter. Is there any way to change this so that it doesn’t change the dimmer level if they are already on?

Using smart hub
Cree connected light
Automation through Smartthings when there is motion


Sorry but I’m confused. Your automation has the motion sensor trigger set the light on to 50%. Then your saying it sometimes when triggered goes brighter than 50%?

Do you have different apps / automationsupport telling the light to do conflicting things?

Maybe tells us what app your using to control.the light? Little more detail?

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That would be helpful. I have multiple sensor triggered lights in my house using core and I don’t see this issue

Sorry! We have company and I didn’t get to respond.

I’m using the Smartthings app to control them.

Automation sets them to 50% when someone triggers the motion sensor.

When we are in watching a movie we set them to 20%.

If someone walks by the motion sensor (dog or to get a drink or go to the rest room) the lights automatically go back up to 50%. We then have to turn them back down to 20% until someone triggers the motion sensor again. Does that make more sense? The only apps I have are Alexa and smart things (for the lights I mean).

give the core smartapp a try. It’ll do that and much more

Based on your response I’m betting you are very new to smartthings and you’re using the smart lighting app in smartthings.

I recommend you create a mode, call it tv time, or whatever. Note, go into the automation fit your lights and set the mode restriction. Have it not active in tv time mode.

When you are watching tv, set the system to that mode and your lights will stay dim.

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