Home monitor update request


I am using Home monitor with several motion sensors from Fibaro and others, some Samsung water leak sensors and some smoke sensors.
Generally Home monitor works good.
I have one issue that one of my motion sensors is triggered from our robot vacuum cleaner, and wanted to switch this motion sensor with a Samsung Vision sensor instead.
The Samsung Vision sensor has the ability, only to react if it recognize a human body.
In Home monitor, there is a choice where you can select AI body sensing or just movement, if you have some Samsung Vision connected.
The problem is, if you chose that movement only should be detected by AI body detection, then all other motion sensors in the house is not selectable anymore in Home Monitor.
This means, you cannot combine the use of some Samsung Vision and some normal motion sensors.

It could be nice, that the mode for Samsung Vision could be selected to AI body detection, at the same time as you have normal motion sensors selectable for other rooms.

Is that possible?
I guess it would require a change of the Home Monitor app.

the best method for making requests is to contact ST support. in the app, tap on Menu and select Contact us

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I think most people do something like this by using a virtual sensor.

As long as the other device can be used in a smartthings routine (I don’t know if that’s true of the vision sensor or not), then you could have the other device turn on the virtual sensor and smartthings home monitor will react to the virtual sensor the same way it does to a physical sensor.

People commonly use this to create integrations with sensors from other security systems, for example.

But if the vision sensor doesn’t currently work with smartthings then you would first have to find a way to create that integration, and then you could use the virtual sensor method to get it into smartthings home monitor.

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