Home 'Mode' does not change in the Dashboard

It’s simple to reproduce.

  1. Assuming the current mode is set to Home, go to “Hello Home”, tap “Change mode and more” and select “Goodbye!”.
  2. A message pops up: “Goodbye. I changed mode from Home to Away as you requested.”
  3. Go to the Dashboard and tap the menu icon in the upper left corner. The location status says: “Currently mode is set to Home”.

The location status seems to update only if you force close and restart the app.

Not seeing this on Android; assuming you’re on iOS.

I’ve notified support of this, a few times.

I see the same thing on iOS. For some reason ST didn’t automatically do a GoodBye when the last person left home. I just manually did a Goodbye to go into away mode and I see the same thing you do. It still says Home.

Seeing this too - in my case (and maybe in yours) checking the mode in the IDE shows that the mode did actually change, its just that the App doesn’t reflect it.

In my case the mode is not being changed. Motion lights set for night mode came on this morning when I came downstairs.

I saw the same thing this morning while playing with ActiON. Web says it’s in Home and app says it’s in Home but the logs say my wife left (last person) and Goodbye! was performed changing the house to Away. I manually triggered Goodbye! and this time the web and app are correct.

This seems to have fixed itself for me today. I’ll keep checking but the last few mode changes have made it back into the app OK.

Not here. Just ran Hello Home “Goodbye!” and the dashboard still displays “currently, mode is set to Away”, 3 minutes later.

Maybe it’s somethig they are working through per user … My money is on an existing race condition exposed by the faster backend …

Maybe, it finally updated 5 or 6 minutes later, but doesn’t give a warm and fuzzy feeling about platform integrity that was supposed to be greatly improved recently.

Indeed, but my sense is that it is trending positive. Of course I am not as deep into this as others, I just have to contend with lights not coming on automatically so far. No adverse WAF yet so I am good …

I’m having intermittent issues. Some are like you described - where the mode doesn’t seem to change based on actions in hello home. I’ve noticed that if I double click the apple home button on my phone then click back on the app, it refreshes and shows that it actually changed modes. If you try that, I think you’ll find it works most of the time.

However, I’m more concerned with instances where my automatic actions aren’t taking place when they should or even at all. For instance, I have “Good Night” set up to automatically activate at 10pm. Sunday night I got a notification at 9:34pm (it actually had that time under the message) that Hello Home was performing “Good Night” as requested at 10pm… The same thing happened the next morning. I have “good morning” set at 6 am and I get the notification at 7:51am. Some nights it doesn’t perform the action at all. Sometimes it performs the action and the mode doesn’t really change (This seems to have been fixed over the last week). I had my alarm scare me to death last week, because the mode never changed even though the action was displayed in “Hello Home”.

Support emailed me that they “think” it is fixed, but it still doesn’t work for me. The mode in the dashboard does not update for several minutes after the mode change.

Looks like there are 2 issues going on. One in the mobile app and one in the platform, both are tied to each other. The mobile app fix is place for the next release and the platform fix will be in place as well by then.

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Thank you for the update. Glad to hear it’s being resolved.

Know this thread us old but I’m having this exact problem. Is there any fix?

I did not have a Good Morning automatically at 6Am this morning…no Mode change.
This is the first time this occurred for me.
Manual pressing Good Morning works ok.
I got a Sunrise message like normal…5:59Am.

Yesterday I install the “Lights after Sunset” convenience app.