Question about presence sensor

I was wondering if the presence sensor part of the app worked. I have my phone change to away Mode when leaving. It detects I’m gone, the app says when I departed, but I don’t see the location mode changing?

How are you instructing it to change to Away mode?

Using a routine: turn off lights, change mode to away, automatically perform away when “everyone leaves.”

Ive seen a bug in ST app. Sometimes the mode does not reflect a change even though it has happened. I have to Kill the app in IOS and when I open it, it reflects the correct mode. So try that and double check its not a bug.

You’re right. It sends a notification that I left but nothing changes. I closed the app and reopened and then I see it saying it was performing the away mode and then turning the lights off

This infuriated me for the longest time while working on a piston to control modes. I have found that instead of killing the app if you just click on the gear icon it will trigger the change as well.

Does the app have to be open for it to work?

It should not, ST is a Cloud based system. So once your done setting it up, it runs in the cloud. So as long as your hub has access to the cloud it will execute the commands when told to do so.