Home Decorators Ceiling Fan/Light Controller MR101Z - First Impressions

Thanks! Snagged one.

This is the second time they have been available and I did not get any notice from Home Depot despite signing up to be notified.

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I didn’t get a notice email either. I just happened to check.

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Has anyone tried mounting the receiver in the wall switch box in place of the fan/light switch(s). Trying to avoid climbing a ladder 15ft to reach fan.

Saw this post yesterday and ordered one. And the email saying they are in stock came in today. LOL

Without knowing what your wiring looks like, I guess anything is possible. But in general the answer is no, that won’t work.

yea typical wiring wont allow that. the receiver does more than just turn the fan on and off. youll need to tap directly into the fan to control fan speed and lights

Figured as much but there are some smart people on this forum that have done some unorthodox things to make automatio9work. Thanks for responding.

you are right and you can make this work but youll have climb that 15ft ladder to run wires from the fan to the wall

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My only problem I have is, when I add multiple devices. I added the spare bedroom first, everything works perfectly with smarthings and alexa. Then i add the master bedroom and now, nothing works on smart things for the spare bedroom or alexa. Then I remove the master bedroom and everything works again for the spare bedroom.

Is there a certain way to add multiple of these devices?


Works perfectly using the wiring run from fan and light to the individual switches on the wall. Now to clean things up a bit and mount a Fire HD8 over the box.

So you already had your wires run? That’s a different story

Is there a wall switch that works with this which supports dimmable light and dimmable fan both?

Home depot does sell a battery operated in wall remote that mimics the remote. You have to trim a standard decora wall plate for it to fit correctly and have to hard wire the power to the fan receiver. The included receiver isn’t needed

In Wall Remote Link

Actually, last weekend, I expanded out a 2-Gang box to a 3-Gang box near my front door for my living room ceiling fan remote to be put in it and I got a standard 3-Gang Decora wall plate worked great. I did not have to shave anything at all.

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Good to know. Been wanting one but seeing that people had to trim the faceplate stopped me from getting it. I may just try it now.


My fan still drops off from time to time. I have another one of these fans I plan to install soon. Will it help repeat my Zigbee network? If not I guess I can just grab a Peanut outlet.

Unfortunately, this fan controller will not act as a zigbee repeater. I’ve been using the Iris smartplug (zigbee and zwave repeater as well) and have not had an issue with drop offs in the past 4 months or so.

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Mines been installed for a few months and no drops. Get a zigbee plug that repeats.

I ordered one. But seriously look how close my fan is to my hub (the arrow points to my hub which is in a closet on other side of that wall)! It’s no more than 15 feet away with just that one wall between them.
_FYI - This is an old picture. I now have the 200 Home Decorators Wink fan from Home Depot installed._ ![42 AM|658x500](upload://xQvD8ng882rJdMJ8E8EQNKd0c25.jpg) I guess I will put the Zigbee plug on the wall between them and hope that solves it. Or else swap one of those 50 wink fan controllers to see if mine is a dud.

I had a similar setup. I keep my hub in a pantry closet about 20 feet from one of my fans…still dropped occasionally. An Iris plug has made it rock solid. Doesn’t make sense that a repeater would be necessary and I had my doubts as well, but it just works and I don’t bother with the “why” anymore.

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