[BETA v0515] Hampton Bay Zigbee Ceiling Fan/Light Controller

From a google search. Black/white is light, pink yellow is motor, grey needs a start capacitor. But can’t say 100%

Found this that looks pretty close for wiring, of course you are using the receiver instead of the speed control he is: Youtube link

I would agree with Kirk. Other than wiring, you are also going to be challenged getting it to fit. Your existing one is round and the HB one is rectangular. The ceiling bracket would need to be replaced for it to fit and I have concerns about your fan being able to hook up to the new bracket. Here is a bracket that allows the HB canopy module to slide in as an example:

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Thanks very much for the info/advice. I’ll get in touch w/them and see what they say…

Thought I’d share my little project I completed. I bought the Remotec ZRC-90US to control this and used the label printer at work to make button labels, which I clear coated. Also did some programming with core to allow the power button to save the state if the light or fan is on and restore the state, and programmed the timmer button to toggle between 2 hour, 4 hour and off. Can provide more details or the images if anyone would like them. most were copied directly from the app.


I don’t know if there’s an issue with the KOF Device Handler or the integration with SmartThings but I could never get all 5 of the fans on our patio consistently working.

Get 3 setup and working then get the 4th setup and then suddenly fan three would no longer work. So I’d have to remove the device, reset the MR101Z and set it back up. This kind of back and forth happened over an over until eventually, all 5 fans were working and connected to Alexa so all 5 could be controlled together. The one fan would stop responding, I’d have to go through the process of remove, reset, reconnect. Then another fan would stop responding and so on. I even moved the Smartthings hub into the same room with the fans but that made no difference.

Finally, I decided to pull out my Wink 2 Hub and see if the same issues were happening. I thought, if that works I’ll just keep it because all I care about is controlling the fans and fan lights from Alexa (more on that). All 5 fans have been connected to the Wink 2 hub for 2 days and there haven’t been any issues.

Thoughts on what could be causing the inconsistency with SmartThings?

Oh, and my idea of controlling the fans with Alexa via Wink. No go as Alexa only sees the fan lights and not the fans.

Any ideas you guys have would be much appreciated.

By the way, the only reason I went down this path was that two of the five fans were on the same switch and the load was too much for the GE Fan Controller.


It’s been said a million times but the first thing to try when having connectivity issues with these controllers is to install a zigbee repeater close by. Skim through this thread and the one below. This had helped a LOT of people.


I tried doing this to a couple fans I had in y house that had the same modules your hunter has. I ended up having to buy new fans. You may have a better understanding of wiring than I do, but I tried a few different things and never could get it to work. One of the fans didn’t work at all after my attempt, even putting everything back to normal. (Blew the motor, maybe? I don’t know)
My suggestion would be to give it a shot, but be prepared to run to the store and buy a new fan that day.

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So I’ve tried just about any and all sequences with cycling power at the circuit breaker to get the fan controller to reset and not once could I get the light to flash 5 times to confirm.

At this point I still do not see the controller on ST. I’m thinking of using my laptop with Internet Connection Sharing turned on with my ST crossover connected to my laptop while staying in my bedroom to see if it finds it or not.

Resetting can be tricky and can be a pain. I did not need to reset mine as it had never been paired and ST just found it after a little bit.

First how far from the hub are you? The close the better when pairing.

Finally… I got it; however, I’m not sure exactly the sequence on how I did it lol.

I tried to get my ST hub working off one of my laptops using ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). For whatever reason I think I had a DNS issue (which is odd) and after 30 minutes of troubleshooting I said screw it and found my 50’ Cat5e patch. I ran that from my office downstairs (where I usually have my ST hub) and I made it JUST inside our master bedroom - perfect. Made sure ST was working and then tried to discover the fan. Everything I tried, turning on/off the light, turning on/off the fan, adjusting the fan’s speed, breeze setting, timer setting, etc. it would not get discovered. Determined, I was cycling through on/off with the light and speed settings on the fan when all of a sudden the light starts to blink on its own - 5 times to be exact. You have got to be kidding me… @#&%$(@&!%&#@ LOL. Anyways, moments later, the receiver was discovered and it’s now linked to my hub. Everything works. Yay!

Like most have said here, I need to add an outlet within the room to get status updates quicker. Operational commands are working with my ST hub back into my office (downstairs) but status updates are not very quick.

Thanks again for all of the help and the creation of this! I plan on doing this once we buy a ceiling fan for my daughter’s room.

Don’t want to distract from the core subject here, but wanted to share this info for those here who may not have seen it, and are still working out the best option for their fan control. I didn’t see any references to it here in this thread.

There is a “whole home” (up to 6 fans) solution that is available via the Bond Home bridge (or is it a hub? :slight_smile: ) for $99.

Currently has Alexa and GH integration for voice, and IFTT support that provides ST control. True SmartThings is not there yet. Integration is supposed to be coming “soon” (Q1 2018 is the target according to Bond team statements). Bond is also testing State remote control and IR control, and will be extended to control other devices (currently the app has an option to add Air Conditioners, I believe fireplaces and other RF devices are in their future plans, making them available to SmartThings.

I have it controlling six fans (Hampton Bay and Hunter) in my home via IFTT & Webhook commands from webCore pistons. You can also use the Bond app directly if you wanted to, and as noted there is Alexa voice control (allows on/off, speed, light, etc.) and Google Home. Google Home and IFTT control are currently limited to on/off, no speed control access, fuller control coming later. The Bond has been very reliable for me using it via IFTT w/ST.

What you don’t get is fan/light status reporting back to SmartThings (or the Bond app) since the fans remain “dumb” in this setup (no Zwave or Zigbee added to them). For most users that’s fine - you only use the fan when your sitting near it, in line of sight. If you must have real-time status reporting from the fan to ST then the Bond system is not for you.

Anyway, worth a look - $99 for up to six fans vs. cost of a remote/receiver per fan, and rewiring work. If you have any questions pop over to the Bond thread below to ask those using it.

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That said, further discussion of the Bond option would be best held in the thread I linked to.

“Hampton Bay Fan Control” is referring to a very specific piece of hardware. The Chungear MR101Z receiver.

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So if I am using version 170515 the reason why several devices are showing in my Google home once I linked ST is a bug with composite devices as stated in post #297?

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what you are asking. That post has to do with how child devices show in the smartthings app. Please provide more details and I’ll try to help.

In post #297 you mentioned something about having all the child devices
show instead of one when using scenes and automations due a smart things
backend issue. I took this to mean the child devices also showed up this
way in Google home unintentionally. My question was supposed to ask if
there was a way to show Google home one or two devices per controller, like
fan and fan-light, vs the 7 that show with each controller. When I added
this device to Google home I got: bedroom fan, bedroom fan light, bedroom
fan comfortBreeze, bedroom fan low, bedroom fan med, bedroom fan med-hi,
and bedroom fan high. As you add more controllers this may get pretty
unweldy and was looking for a way around this.