Hive bulbs help please

Do hive bulbs connect direct to smartthings or will I need a hive hub?

Misread the post… Just ignore me :sunglasses:

Did you ever get to the bottom of this, thanks.

Yeah they connect direct to smartthings hub just change device type once their paired mine have worked great since july


Sorry to dredge up but these seem like some of the best value bulbs atm.

If they work with smartthings, i wonder why they aren’t on the compatibility list?

I would guess because it’s not official.
I couldn’t see hive coming out branding it saying works with SmartThings ,
Because who would buy the hub then.

Good point!

Sorry to dredge this up but how did you manage to get it working without the hub?

Indeed, I have looked at trying the same and whilst it is apparently possible via zigbee, I’ve spent 3 hours trying to work it out and still haven’t managed it.

Can anyone provide step by step instructions for this please?


For what ? The bulbs direct with SmartThings?
If so no just reset the bulbs turned the switch off set SmartThings to detect a thing and turned the switch on and it picked up a new unknown device then just changed device handler.

Sadly that definitely doesn’t work.

Using the smartthings classic app and Hive Gu10 bulb.

Set that app to “add a thing”, turn light on which flashes to indicate it’s in pairing mode, but the app does not find it.

Are you definitely using Hive bulbs?

And what / whereabouts are you changing the device handler?

Ah right mine aren’t the GU10 bulbs just standard bayonet type.
Yeah both hive I got 2 free from British gas :grinning:
Are you sure you are resetting them first ? Otherwise they won’t pair up, I then change the device handler in the SmartThings IDE

I’ll try resetting them again!

When you say change device handler, what do you mean?

Sorry for the dumb seeming questions!

Each device in SmartThings needs something called a device handler to work correctly a bit like a driver on windows.
So when the bulb gets added it will show up as a unknown device so you sign into the SmartThings ide with your login details find the device and change the handler to a generic bulb and it works then.
How are you resetting the bulbs what method you using?

I’m turning off the power at the light switch for 1 second and then back on 6 times

And do the bulbs flash twice after you do that?
Try turning them on and off a little quicker.

Yep they flash each time.

I’m tempted to give up and take these Hive bulbs back!

No i don’t mean the normal flash from turning them on and off.
Once you turn them on and off they should blink twice quickly to confirm the WiFi has been reset.
I’m saying this based on the other type Hive bulbs i’ve tried as i’ve not used them GU10 ones you have but i assume the reset should be the same.