Hikvision NVR - line crossing

Hi Ralph,
I’m new on python. I’ve try follow your’s intrsuctions on github with no good results. I’ve trouble running python’s script. First, with the print command, needed to add ‘(’ on every single one, and after that its gave me other error i don’t understand. I’ve install python 3.7 (32 bits)
I’ll thank you any help

Install python 2.7.x instead of python 3. (You have run into one of the major differences between the two versions, that being with the print command. There are many others that makes code from 2 not work unmodified on 3.)

Thks dude! I’ve done allready!

Hi @rtorch, Total noob here. I have a smartthings hub and a Hikvision NVR. I downloaded your files and followed part 1 of instructions + updated the cfg file with all the right data, but I realised I don’t actually know where to run the python script. Is there some separate server I need to run? Or would it work on say webcore or heroku? (apologies in advance if this is a dumb question). Thanks, - Riz

For running the python script, you need to install python 3 on some computer (RaspPi, Windows, Linux, etc). I use a dedicated Windows Server 2012, others use a RaspPi, some use their desktop Win10 or Mac.

It isn’t too difficult, but could be intimidating if you are not comfortable with a cmd/shell.

Once you install python on your system (python.org), you need to install the necessary python modules for my script (requests, hikvisionapi) using the pip command. Then you should be able to run the script.

This may also help with python https://www.python.org/about/gettingstarted/

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Guess it’s time to pi then! Was hoping I wouldn’t have to get yet another bit of kit but I think the pros outweigh the cons. Thanks for your help.

There is now a new Beta Edge driver for camera and motion integration, Hikvision cameras confirmed streaming in Smartthings along with motion detection