Adding Hikvision NVR to smartthings

i have a hikvision NVR but i cannot access the stream using the URL- possibly because the cameras aren’t IP. Not sure

  1. is there a way to check if the cameras are IP? the SADP tool does not show the cameras- only the NVR
  2. is there a way to gain access to the cameras through the smartthings app? i’d like to be able to set up certain motion trigger automations

Can you access them via a web browser ? ie (Or what ever it’s set to ? ) -and what devices are they ? what DVR? - I can see mine no problems from a browser and also from a web extension as well (myipcam) , but yet to attempt any smarthings as i am a new user so getting aquainted :slight_smile:

i can’t see them directly in a browser- i can access them via the livefeed option in a browser address for the NVR.

I have LTS cameras (made by hik). I use email notifications on the NVR to trigger IFTTT when they detect motion. Mainly use this at my front door to turn on a light. Delay isn’t too bad, the issue is if you are trying to set up different actions from each camera. Following in case someone has better ideas.

Also I saw this posted by another user:

how did you do that? can you outline steps?

This video shows how to set up email from the hikvision NVR: Set up the NVR to send an email to IFTTT when motion is detected.

Then I just created an IFTTT sequence that says when IFTTT gets an email from the email account I used on the NVR, then do X which can be another IFFT thing or something inside smartthings.

so i figured out the solution to this- although i’m still not 100% done with programming it- even analog cameras have an RTSP feed for each camera separated by channels. once you get the write URL (just need to google it), all you need to do is use the generic camera code by pstuart and you build it into smartthings.

i’m only left with somehow dealing with it not showing up in my things list.

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