High Voltage 12v Switch

I have a 12v electric fence charger (Zareba 5 mile DC fence charger) that I want to add a ST switch for timer control. I have seen both the MIMOlite and the Forbra but both seem to only handle low voltage. How can this be accomplished? Thank you.

How is the charger powered? Is it outdoors? Can you use a regular outdoors Smart Outlet to turn on power to the charger?

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The charger is powerd by a 12v battery which is kept charged with a solar
panel. Smart Outlet would require me to use a power inverter.

Jason Fishbein

from your comment, you made it look like you wanted to switch the high voltage line. That was really funny - I can tell you were not serious because that would be ridiculous

the easy way is to glue up a 4x4 outdoor box with a plug repair kit and any 120v relay (like Functional Devices #) RIBU1C-N4 mounted in a knockout, which is made to be rainproof and I think it has an LED so you can sorta-easily see it is energized or not. Seal it up with silicone but you still probably have to drill a 1/8inch weep hole in the bottom anyway. The relay contacts are wired to interrupt the 12vdc +supply to fence charger.

Then you plug that into a smart plug. Then I dunno - profit?

OOPS I FORGOT - if you already have a MIMO then you might as well power it off the battery, and see if the solar can keep up with its additional load (I expect not but worth a shot). The MIMO contacts are wired to interrupt the 12vdc.

I don’t know that in need 120v. The fence charger runs from being directly hooked up to the battery. I just assumed that would be considered higher voltage than a garage door button wire which is what the 12v switches I mentioned seem to be geared towards.

Sounds like maybe I can just use the MIMOlite as is to interrupt the 12v power to the fence charger.

You are confusing voltage/amperage. 12 volt is 12 volt :slight_smile:
Actually - no idea WHAT a garage door switch is, but the amperage is minimal.