No power from MimoLite

I picked up two MimoLite relays to control recently-installed electric door strikes. After wiring and pairing with SmartThings, I can turn both relays on/off. However, neither seems to send current to the strikes and I feel like I’ve missed something obvious. I’d appreciate any ideas that fit this scenario:

  • Controlling from SmartThings, I hear the MimoLite click audibly a half second after turning on and again after turning off.

  • While activating the relay and using a multimter, I can’t read any current coming off the relay block.

  • To narrow down the problem, I confirmed both door strikes open immediately when I wire them directly to the MimoLite’s power terminal block. The locks are fail secure, and open the instant power is applied.

  • I’ve left the jumper on the MimoLite, tried wiring the strike to both NO/COM and NC/COM, and successfully excluded/included both relays multiple times.

the MimoLite contacts don’t make power and they don’t have power wired thru them internally. They switch power that you route through them manually. The contacts function exactly similar to a dumb light switch. Usually you would wire hot to the COM(common), and the door strike to the NO(normally-open), and neutral to the door strike.

better keep your key with you

Ah. Yeah. That would make sense. So basically this problem: