High Hub Ping

Throughout this extended period of instability (or whatever buzzwords they are using) I have been watching the pin utility on the hub. I consistently get a result of about 4.9 seconds. Which is suspiciously close to how long it takes my damn lights to turn on when I press the switch (if they do at all)

4.9 Seconds seems very high especially if this is truly they delay I can expect when using devices. Can anyone else weigh in with there results and experiences.

https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ -> Hubs -> Utilities -> Ping Hub

Mine just pinged at 4.9 sec

notice that it says “4.9 seconds ago”, not that the ping roundtrip was 4.9 seconds. Pretty useless.

Yeah, I’ve always thought that ping was pointless… 4.9 seconds is an eternity in cyberspace.