High Accuracy Temp and Humidity Sensor

Can anyone recommend a high accuracy (to ~1 degree and RH%) temp and humidity sensor that can be natively connected to a ST Hub v3 without having to count on an additional bridge? I’d like to be able to monitor my cigar humidor and guitar and access those readings for use in webCoRE, but I do not want the expense and footprint of more hubs.

So, I don’t think Wireless Sensor Tags or SensorPush will work. I use a Bluetooth Boveda Butler currently, but since Samsung probably won’t ever turn on the ST hub’s Bluetooth, I don’t think that will get me what I’m looking for either.

Have you looked at aeotech multipurpose sensor.

I read that you don’t want a bridge but if you are happy with yout BT solution, it should be very simple to have a raspberry Pi acting as a bridge.
I made 2 bridges developments to control my BT air purifier and my BT air quality monitor. Have a check here and here

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IMO it’s not high accuracy but stable enough for most purposes.

Centralite Temp & Humidity Sensor (Works with SmartThings, Echo Plus, ZigBee)

By default it does not report as often as you want.

The most accurate Environmental Sensor, temp/humidity/luminance/pressure, most sensitive, most reliable, most stable, most versatile parameter settings, cheapest, and most professional is ironically an amateur effort here…

It’s also USB powered, helps your Zigbee mesh and even troublesome Xiaomi devices stick to it like glue.

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Does this space have it’s own thermostat?

I have (several) Honeywell RTH9585 stats and it’s possible to calibrate them. I was able to calibrate them dead-nuts on (using a calibrated fluke meter) but they were all close with the furthest being off by 2F and 4%RH. No hub required as it’s a Wi-Fi device.

Thought I’d throw that out there since a space like that should have it’s own temp zone. Cheers

From Amazon’s Aeotec specs - Humidity Sensor : 20% to 95%, accuracy:+/- 5% at 77°F; Temperature Sensor : 14°F (-10°C) ~ 140°F (60°C), accuracy: +/- 32.9°F (0.5°C)

The temp accuracy (which is erroneously listed as 32.9 but should be ~1.0 would work, but ~3.5% is too inaccurate for the cigars.

The RPi idea is worth looking into. I have another RPi running my Pentair conversion that should be able to run that code too. I might be in touch. Thanks!

Thanks. I’ll take a look.

Looks interesting, but I can’t get a USB cable wired into the fridgeador.

Most of the automatic humidor controls I’ve seen are only listed as having accuracy of +/- 3% RH or higher. Even with an accurate hygrometer, unless you’ve got a really nice well seasoned unit with temp control and are extremely careful about placement of everything that impacts airflow you’re going to have RH variations of several % RH throughout the humidor, particularly between the top and the bottom. This issue gets worse the taller your cabinet is. I guess the point I’m making is I’m not sure a sensor with +/- 1% RH accuracy is really necessary.

They can run on batteries as well, either as power backup or as primary power. FWIW the accuracy of the sensor it uses is +/- 1°C, 3% RH, and 1hPa.

Another option could be the Aqara temp/humidity sensors. They claim accuracy of +/-0.3°C and 3% RH, and are cheap/small enough that you could put several in your humidor to see the variation and trigger actions based on averages/mins/maxes. They can be a bit finicky to pair though, and don’t work well with many (most) zigbee repeaters.

Also keep in mind that the reported accuracy is the absolute accuracy, the effective accuracy once calibrated will be much better in most cases, particularly for something like this where you’re not dealing with extreme temperatures or large variations in either temperature or humidity.

It’s actually accurate to +/- 0.01°C, which is probably over kill anyway. And +/- .01 RH also.

Not sure where you’re getting those numbers, but the spec sheet for the Aqara matches the numbers I posted above (for absolute accuracy).

If you intended to quote the numbers for the home made repeater you linked above, Iman who’s making them uses the Bosch BME280 sensor for temp, humidity, and pressure. Absolute accuracy I listed for it in my post above came directly from the BME280 spec sheet.

Or are you possibly referring to effective accuracy rather than absolute accuracy? Or maybe precision?

Yes the homemade repeater…

Ok. That screenshot shows the precision/resolution, which is much different than accuracy. As I said, that device uses a Bosch BME280, which is accurate to +/- 3% RH and +/- 1° C.

When I reversed engineeed my stuff, I followed this.

Have fun and PM me if you have questions