Accurate Temp/Humidity Sensor?

So far I have had little success obtaining the above. So far I have tried the Aeon Multisensor and (2) Everspring ST814. Each device was tested using 32%, 43% and 75% calibration tests along side (4) Caliber IV gauges. The latter were pretty much dead on within each test. The Aeon multi-sensor is off (low) at least 20% (i.e. Known humidity=75%, Aeon=60%) while both the ST814s are off (high) anywhere from 10 to 15%. The latter get better reading at low humidity (<40%).

So… Anyone know of a gauge that will give better results than these???

Have you looked at the Kumostat wireless tag sensors? The 13 bit ones have higher accuracy than most home automation devices.

They can connect with smartthings one of two ways, either through IFTTT or with a cloud to cloud integration created by a community member.

You do you need to buy their bridge as well. But they’re definitely worth looking at. Quite a few community members have been using them for use cases where the distance is longer than zigbee or Z wave will reach. You can ask if they are using the environmental features.

Manufacturer site:

forum topic:

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Wow… :ok_hand: these look perfect for what I need (Guitar room and cases RH monitor)

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Please keep this post updated with your results. I am looking for something similar.
As usual, our good friend @JDRoberts saves the day. :+1:

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Thanks for the shout. Check the thread linked to above to talk to people using the Kumostat sensors. I believe @pstuart has used them for temperature and humidity monitoring.

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