Hiding wires for wall-mounted devices

I’ve been looking at purchasing some wall-mounted devices that need plugged in (iPad, security cameras, control centers, etc).

The thing that I’m confused on is how everyone else is hiding the power cord wires. The only thing I can think of is to run the power cord through the wall to a nearby outlet, but I don’t really consider this to be a great solution as it uses an outlet and now you have random plugs all over the house. Is there a way to tie the power into the house’s electrical wiring?

They aren’t.

You have two choices really, plug them as best you can with exposed wiring.
Hire an electrician to run some outlets to the places that you need them.

You could always use this…


I am capable of running outlets myself, but again, not a very good solution. Most wall mounted devices don’t have enough space behind them for plugs.

Tried Nexus 7 and wireless charger? They are reasonably cheaper than ipads.
You can try to hide the wireless charger behind wall

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get a flexbit, then cut a hole in the wall where you are going to mount the device, drill into the floor from inside the (interior wall) and then tie the power cable wire to the end of the bit and drop it down to the basement (if your basement is unfinished).
or just drop a cable down to where you have a power outlet then pop a small hole and plug it in directly under where you alternatively have to mount for power reasons, stuff extra wire in wall. thats basic fishing.

No basements here in the southwest. I do have a storage room that will work for a few things, but not all.

Sounds like there is no good way to do this; I thought maybe I was missing something. I think I may just install an access panel in the storage room/garage/etc to plug everything in.

Don’t run power cowards in the wall. It’s a fire hazard and not up to code. The flat wire linked to is for low voltage/ speakers not AC power. As mentioned have a power outlet installed where you need it by a professional.


yeah, it’s a big no no to run extension cord behind wall. I would have a box behind the tablet with this outlet http://www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-15-Amp-1-Gang-Recessed-Duplex-Power-Outlet-White-R52-00689-00W/202066691
Or just get a USB extenstion and run it behind the wall. have a plug hidden in the closet and have one of this plug http://www.homedepot.com/p/Leviton-15-Amp-Tamper-Resistant-Combo-Outlet-USB-Charger-White-R02-T5630-00W/203392187


Completely forgot about recessed outlets, duh! That should work for mostly everything. Thanks for the idea!

Most alarm systems have their power cables run inside walls. If you are second guessing on how to run a wire, yea. Call someone to do it for you.

you could use wire racways, they can replace your molding or some style add on to the molding.

Ran into this exact problem myself…

Did you ever find a usb charger that could fit within the depths of a recessed outlet?

i bought a wink relay power supply for this purpose. You have to connect to exposed pins though.

How did you connect to the exposed pins? Just cut the USB plug and terminate the wires directly to the pins? Or use the contact pads from the other side that attaches to the LCD part of the Wink Relay and wire the USB into that?

Solder. I didn’t have a relay to get pins from

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The problem with most recessed outlets is that the cover sticks out of the wall (doesn’t lay flat). So when installing the screen it becomes an issue. Has anyone found an in wall outlet? Something inside the wall without the cover sticking out?