Hide IP camera wall plug?

Morning everyone,

I just picked up a Amcrest IP Camera and would like to mount it in the place where i will need to hide the wire and plug because I have a toddler.
I was able to identify the best location however its on a plain wall with a fully exposed wall outlet.

Option 1: recessed kit
Option 2: move location of camera and hide the wire behind the wall then out behind the couch.
Option 3: ??? is there a receptacle with a USB plug in the back? I can hide the wire and don’t use the adapter?
Option 4: ???

Thanks for the any help guys.

VWhich exact model of camera?

If you need a USB plug, there are lots of nonnetworked outlets that have one. The Aeon smart switch 6 is a Z wave pocket socket that also has an always on USB slot on the side. Although I’m not sure you would need that since I assume you want the camera to always be on power.

In any case, regardless of the power source itself, I would think the easiest thing is to use one of the switch lock covers that fits over the entire outlet like a box. These can be either clear or opaque. There are a number of brands and styles available. You should be able to find them at Toys “R” Us in the baby department, or online. Typically cost seven dollars or less for the cover.

If necessary, you can also cover the cord with Cable covers. I’ve seen those more often at office-supply stores like Staples.

Hi @vicjagsingh,

You can always use a wire free camera like Blink for home. This camera is primarily a battery operated with an option to use a micro USB cable to power it.

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Good solutions but it wouldn’t look good.
I know for a fact it will be be approved by the wife.

I needed the option for PTZ because it will also act as a baby cam when they are sleeping.

You will receive video clips when the baby is awake and you can also watch the live feed when the camera is setup.

The basic idea is just a box over the plug. You can make it look like whatever you want. If you get one you can paint the same as the wall, your eye probably won’t even notice it. Or there are a lot of decorator variations, they just cost more. You can also get an electrician to recess the outlet so that cover is flat to the wall.

So given that there’s an outlet there anyway, childproofing it to meet your wife’s aesthetic requirements should be doable, it just may cost more. :sunglasses:

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I like this solution and I can install it close to the camera on the ceiling.

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What are these called? Google search is failing me. Possibly user error.

That particular model is the Hide from 4box, an Italian company, but in the US a similar style is used in a number of retail and office buildings. Try looking for recessed electrical outlets. Then all you need is a cover plate with a slot for the cord.

Recessed outlets are also popular in residential buildings for high end kitchens, so that you can push a coffee maker or toaster right up against the wall. Or for wallmount televisions. So you can find them even at Home Depot or Lowe’s. Any electrician should be able to do it unless you have cement walls or something.

I do have this for my TV and I LOVE it. its such a clean install.

I didn’t think about using recesses outlet for kitchen I just got backsplash installed.

Would this work?


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I don’t personally buy electronics from Alibaba. Too many counterfeits, almost nothing is UL listed. But there are very similar designs available through US sources. They won’t keep the toddler from pulling the cord out, though.

This one is a plug in, so no wiring required.

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