Feedback on Smartthings App

I just thought I would mention that I have fed back some suggestions for future updates to the app.

  1. The ability to hide individual devices or a whole “Room/Space”. This is primarily to reduce the clutter of things like virtual switches and vEdge creators etc. They are necessary for operation but they aren’t directly interacted with through the app and fill up the already small interface.
  2. The ability to Lock Rooms/Areas or individual devices so that you don’t accidentally operate something whilst clicking on another device. I would like a £/$ for every time I have accidentally turned my irrigation on. This could be as simple as having to double tap a device before it operates or take some other action on the page before icons are “live” to interactions.

FWIW, I have a room named “Infrastructure” on my hubs for just that purpose. That’s where the virtual switches & stuff go–as well as the hub itself. Better than nuthin… :nerd_face:


There is already the ability to hide individual devices via the Select devices to use menu option on the Devices page.

I don’t use it myself because I don’t use the app for everyday use. I therefore want everything to be available.

I make do with Rooms.

Unfortunately no one seems to have taken things a stage further and created a parallel grouping for stuff you are trying to hide from view.

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Yeah, I have “Utilities” for that kind of stuff. I also have a room called “People” for my virtual presence sensors.

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