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Virtual device created in SmartThings not seen by webCoRE

(CrazyOtter) #1

Doing lots of reading in SmartThings and webCoRE forums. I didn’t bookmark things, thinking I could just read my history. Except that my phone’s browser records every comment as a separate page. Aarrgghh!!

I started working with webCoRE when I found out SmartThings could send a command to Alexa. I created a couple of virtual switches in SmartThings app which triggered a custom comment from Alexa. I got the IFTTT to webCoRE piece working. But I’m now trying to get the webCoRE piece to toggle a virtual switch. WebCoRE doesn’t see the two virtual switches I made in SmartThings and I can’t find the post listing the virtual switches already created in webCoRE that I could use.

I also thought I’d found a very detailed how-to for making virtual contact or motion sensors in webCoRE, but didn’t bookmark that either.

Help with how-to’s or pointers to threads both welcome.

(Bob) #2

Have you opened the webCoRE app on your mobile, gone into settings and then selected the newly created virtual devices.
They will not show in webCoRE until you do that.

(CrazyOtter) #3

I have the webCore dashboard accessible thru the SmartThings app and I have webCoRE available via browser. There’s a separate app?

(CrazyOtter) #4

Aha! I think I found what you were talking about. Let me give stuff a try and see what happens.

(Bob) #5

In case you need clarification.
Classic app on phone/tablet.
Smartapps tab.
Available devices.
Select your devices.

(CrazyOtter) #6

Thank you. I found it. It works. My only thought was “could they possibly bury it under any more layers of menu?” Sheesh.

Again, thanks.

(Bob) #7

Your not the first one to miss that, and you most certainly won’t be the last.
Have fun. :slight_smile:
PS. If this is a solution, can you tick the solution box so if other people have the same query, they know there is a solution in this thread.

(CrazyOtter) #8

Ok, where is that?

Some years back, in a calculus class, the instructor said, scribbling madly in the board, “it is therefore obvious…”
I said “NO!”
He looked at me questioningly.
I said, “if it was obvious, you wouldn’t have to teach it.”
He changed to “it therefore follows…”

(Bob) #9

If memory serves me right. after a bottle of wine it doesn’t, :wink: , look at my response in post 4 where I describe how to find it and you will see a small box called solution at the bottom of the post. Tick the box.

(CrazyOtter) #10

On the phone app, it’s just a box with a check mark. No words.

I think I’ll go have some wine. Find something light that pairs with whine.

(CrazyOtter) #11

And thank you for your patience.

(Dave) #12

Wow was this hard to figure out and thanks @bobbles for this solution.

I think we need a description line under the settings view in the WebCoRE app to help instruct behavior.
Such as-
Available Devices
You must updated and re-save anytime you create virtual devices or (other conditions this step must be repeated) and continue hitting Save at every view until you see message that Webcore was updated successfully.

Trying to figure out why my device list wasn’t updated using this has been frustrating. I’m finally getting comfortable writing pistons and it might also help to have a message on that interface that says something like "Don’t see all your devices? Go to your mobile app WebcoRE > Settings > Available Devices > select each section and add all devices before saving multiple screens as you exit.