Helping setting up Piston to control a light

Cross-posting from the Peer Assistance thread…thanks @calansvc for alerting me to this subforum.

Hi everyone…just starting out with CoRE and hoping you can help.

I’m trying to create a piston along the lines of the following. Excuse my pseudo code. I think a Latching piston with a group to handle the nested IF/ELSE IF statement will do the job but I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how Groups work in CoRE. Or maybe there’s a better way?

IF motion sensor active

IF (Mode is Home AND lux < 50) OR Mode is Evening

    Turn on Living Room light

ELSE IF Mode is Night

     Turn on Living room light
     Set Light level to 15%

BUT IF motion sensor inactive for 10 mins

Turn off Living Room light

Thank you @anon36505037! That got it sorted. Brilliant stuff.

Now, of course, I’ve noticed something else. I need to reset the light level to 100% at some point so when the mode switches to Home (ie. in the morning when I wake up). If the Piston is triggered during night mode the light stays at 15% currently.

I’ve tried adding Set level to 100% to various places in without luck. I’ve tried it after the ‘turn on’ action in Home mode after both the “when true” area and the first “THEN” condition. Also tried it after the light turns off due to inactivity. I must be missing something here.

Any ideas?

Really appreciate your help.

I woud have thought replacing the turn on with set level 100% would do the trick as this is what you have done with the set level 15%.
Perhaps try 99%.

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That did the trick! Thanks, @bobbles. Much appreciated.