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Hello I have the following piston created and I was hoping that I could get some assistance with it. The goal I’m trying to accomplish is to have a motion sensor turn on a light for two minutes, but used CoRE because before if the light was already on the regular routine I had setup caused the light to time out and changed brightness. Now my issue is that if the motion sensor triggers the light and I turn it off and then back on before the two minutes are up and then it will turn it back off when the two minutes expire. How can I get it so that it stays on?

Sorry if this is confusing.

You will get the quickest answer if you post your question to the end of the Core peer assistance thread. That’s where most of the core experts hang out. :sunglasses:

Your best bet will be splitting your actions up into a latching piston like above. You can substitute your condition of the light being off where I have the mode selection. I would also move the time into the IF section instead of under the action section.

So this is what I came up with let me know if those coincides with what you suggested:

The problem is that when trying this way I literally cannot shut my light off - it will go off and be come right back on.

Think about it this way,

If light is off, then turn on!

That is what you first argument says…

So when the But-If turns the light off, then the first argument turns it right back on.

You have to add

If “motion is active” to the First argument

Duh my bad.

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Hey, it happens. :slight_smile:

To add to above you can condense the two times and use if time is between sunset and sunrise