Help ZWave down

I think, could be wrong, that it is the power meter. Everything stopped again I have disconnected it and let the network reset itself and its working with it unplugged lets see if it hold up

you said you had a power outage, maybe a spike during that time lobotomized the power meter device…

No I got the meter the day before yesterday

What kind of meter is it? So I can put it on my list to never get one :slight_smile:

Aeon Gen1 Energy meter

Blacklisted, thank you very much :wink:

so far so good. I have it running on batteries not plugged in in that mode it apparently does automatically check in and report data so well it becomes kind of useless :smile:

so from my little bit of HA knowledge I wonder… The power meter is mounted about 50 feet and three walls away from the ST hub. Is it possible since it is hooked to power it is advertising as a repeater for traffic and getting the traffic but not able to reach the hub on its own?

well Im out… Keep getting this now