SmartThings brand zigbee plug dimming endpoint and data payload?

Does anyone know what’s the endpoint for smartthings plug and how does the payload look like?
Cluster is x0008 according to the reference.

You can probably find the Device Type Handler here and reverse engineer.

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I found this:

But, in zigbee.setLevel(value) I could not find zigbee.setLevel to track what endpoint and pay load it uses to dim the plug.

Yah: It seems that SmartThings has abstracted this away into a closed source library.

Do you have the ZigBee HA specifications document? Copies can be found on the internet (PDF).

SmartThings is using the standard clusters and Endpoints described therein.

It seems the huperlink had not work, can you repost the link for that spec? I think I have already looked at it and yes clusters are there but endpoints and payloads are not. It seems endpoints and payloads are not really part of the spec and are manufacturer choice. I read somewhere, we can even change endpoints.

I didn’t hyperlink it.

If you’ve already seen the spec, then there’s not much I can add.

You either need to get the details from the vendor or use a ZigBee diagnostic tool kit.

What’s the purpose of your inquiry?

OK, it’s a pi project. I’m already controlling my lights using Pi, trying to add the plug and sensing into it. Here, people have posted similar questions but couldn’t find plug dimming endpoint and payloads.
What’s zigbee diagnostic tool kit? Cann’t I trigger the device with some commands and receive its endpoints?

This is outside the scope of the SmartThings Community which focuses on interfacing with the SmartThings platform (Hub and/or Cloud).

There are any number of ZigBee power outlets on the market for which the specifications are provided by the manufacturer or vendor.