Help with YRD226 Zigbee and Smartthings App integration

Hello Community!

Destiny brought me here because customer support emails is terrible!

As the topic says, I just bought those gadgets. Latest models brand new.

I have my smartthings ecosystem working like a charm.

Now when trying to add the lock, it detects it as a “thing” and after I click to try to use it, it says try again later.

I sent an email to Yale, and they suggested me a troubleshooting without success, then they told me to contact Smartthings because since it got detected, now is under its app…

I wrote an email to ST and after another troubleshooting and sending a data file to their “developers”, they at the end, told me to buy a Kwickset or Slange lock… How come they told me that!!! Like if the locks were cheap to buy.

Any recommendation?

Login to IDE at, go to the devices section, find your lock, click on the name, click Edit at the bottom of the screen, change Device Type to zigbee lock and save at bottom of screen.

Hopefully that will resolve it.


Thank you, thank you thank you!! You helped more than the entire customer support department of ST! The app was installing the module as a TV, so I changed it to Zigbee Lock, and VOILA! It worked!