Help with virtual switch and connection to IFTTT for Power Pivot Genius

Is it possible to link a virtual switch to a 'DO" action on IFTTT. I have IFTTT installed and a virtual switch set up and completed the authorization for my hub on the IFTTT site. Just can find the magic sauce to make it work.



Once you create the virtual switch it works just the same as a physical switch in this context. So it will appear on the list of switches that smartthings controls.

Assuming you’ve already authorized IFTTT to use this particular switch, you just need to download the DO Button app and set up a do recipe to turn it on or off.

If you haven’t used a do button before, see the following guide:

If you’ve used IFTTT but you’re not sure how to authorize a new device from smartthings to IFTTT:

  1. Open the ST mobile app

  2. click on the context menu icon in the upper right

Three) choose SmartApps

Four) you should see one called IFTTT. Tap on it and you will be able to authorize or deauthorize individual devices.

Thanks for the help. I ended up creating a 2 recipes, one for on and one for off. I have it working now!.

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