Help with smart plug routines


I have recently had solar installed and would like to automate our pool pump and pool cleaner to prioritise running during sunny hours.

Essentially I would like it to run during the day when sun is forecast and if rain is forecast I would like it to return to its regular schedule of running overnight when electricity is at its cheapest.

I have some TP-Link Tapo P100 smart plugs which I am trying to use but have not had any luck yet with my trials.

I am trying to use a weather and time trigger in my routine. I have not yet found a way to have to return to a different overnight schedule when no sun is forecast so that will be the next step that I will need help with


I have attached a screenshot of the main routine. I have another routine set to turn off the plug 1 hour before sunset if on, but this also does not appear to work.

The plug does work through the app in that I can turn it on and off, but the routines do not seem to work at this stage.

My geolocation has been set to my area.

Any help would be much appreciated.