How to setup a scheduled timer for outlet/switch/etc?

I was thinking of connecting my pool pump to a ST controlled outlet & I would like to be able to setup a daily schedule that would allow it to run multiple times a day (ie, 1-2pm, 5:30-9pm & 1-2am) but it looks like I would need to setup a separate routine for each on & off operation, for each time point. Is there an easier way to setup a scheduled timer for an outlet (or maybe even a switch to control an outside light to be on for certain times of the day) without having separate routines?

Thanks in advance from this newbie ST user.

I would recommend using SmartLighting (found in marketplace) with 3 separate jobs. It will execute locally and be more reliable if the cloud is acting up.

You could do it with CoRe if you want a single automation. Setup will be a little harder and you may want to hold off until you move from newbie to knows-enough-to-be-dangerous.


I will give the SmartLighting app a try. Then one day take a crack at the CoRe.