Questions on Functionality: Setting Schedules

I have a few “is it possible” questions that I’m hoping more experienced/knowledgable users could answer for me…

  • Is it possible to enter a specific mode(home away stay etc) at a certain time of the day?
  • Is it possible to close a garage/lock(if open/unlocked) for example at a specific time of day(may be same/similar answer as above)?
  • Is it possible to trigger an outlet(that I have irrigation valves connected to) at a specific time of the day/week? Essentially an irrigation timer.

Clearly, I’m trying to make the most of my system with my current needs… thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

Yes to all :slight_smile:

I only use 4 modes… morning, afternoon, evening & night.
All are set by time except night.

I don’t have a garage door but yes, this is possible.

I have a number of outlets that are triggered a couple of times a day (they have air fresheners attached)

Smart lighting will do the modes and outlets easily.
It depends on how the garage is controlled as to which app you would use


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1 and 2 - use Routines (you’ll find them under the Automation tab in the app) and set them to happen automatically “At a Certain Time”.
3 - use Smart Lighting (under SmartApps), create a new lighting automation that turns on the appropriate outlet at a specific time, turns it off, and under “more options”, runs on the days you want.

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Great, thank you. The added routine options must be new - I don’t remember seeing them last time I was in there.

Follow up functionality question - how can I get an audible alarm to sound when a door is opened and the Mode is “Away” or “Stay” or any of the modes that would typically lock and secure a door?

Before we get too far, we do need to ask two questions:

Which model of smartthings hub are you using?

Which app version (“SmartThings (Samsung Connect)” or “SmartThings Classic”) Are you using?

The screens and options do vary somewhat depending on these answers.

SmartThings Classic.

Is one better than the other?

If you’re using SmartThings classic then don’t try to use the newer app until you hear from ST support that your account is ready to migrate.

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Thank you. Am I still able to do it with the Classic app @JDRoberts?

The SmartThings Classic app (which is the original SmartThings App) is used to create Routines for automating your ST environment (Under the Automation tab). It’s not that new. I have been around for around 1 1/2 years and it has been there from the beginning for me.

Smart Lighting which is a separate SmartApp can be installed from the Marketplace. This SmartApp will allow for local execution of your devices, so long as ALL of the devices in your Smart Lighting rule are using locally executed Device Handlers. How do you know if a device is a local device? You can login to the IDE at and goto My Devices. It will show you if a device is Local or Cloud.

And if it wasn’t clear before - DO NOT install or use the new SmartThings (Samsung Connect) if you were already using the SmartThings Classic (Original) App. ST will inform us when they are ready for people to cutover.

That doesn’t answer my original question. I know the information you posted, so thank you for the reminder. answer of Classic was in response to @JDRoberts when I asked him about if my app could run an siren upon alarm trigger. His followup question to that was which app was I using.

With a v2 hub and SmartThings Classic, yes, you can sound off a siren.

Not something I personally recommend. With the 10+ platform issues that have occurred since January 3rd this year and the reliability, there have been many people who rely on ST for security (definitely not recommended) and who also have and had sirens going off with these outages and no way to shut them off or control them without people frantically trying to pull batteries out of them or hide them under pillows (real scenarios if you search through SmartThings Outage titled topics). :slight_smile:

Okay, back to the original question then… HOW can I go about doing that?

I’m not worried about recommendations and problems and using them as security systems, just wanting to figure out how to utilize that level of functionality. Thank you!

  1. Goto your Dashboard
  2. Select (tap) the Smart Home Monitor section
  3. Select the Gear Icon
  4. Open the Security rule
  5. Walk through that to determine what invokes an Intrusion Alert
  6. At the end (Next), you will see Alert with Sirens (select your Siren there)

And if those step by step instructions don’t help,you can always go here:


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Again, I didn’t realize the sirens option was in there now. Last time I tried, those options weren’t all there. Good to see the app keeps evolving. Curious @WB70, the Smart Locks that you have on your main screen… is that for the touchscreen locks? I have those but seem to have troubles integrating them with the system efficiently.

That is the Smart Locks App that can be added from the Marketplace under Safety and Security.

I use a custom app from @RBoy for my locks. I also renamed the custom device handler from that app to "Z-Wave Lock) so that the Smart Locks on the Dashboard keeps real time status of my locks. You can use the Smart Locks App if your locks are using “Z-Wave Lock” for the device handler and the locks obviously are compatible with SmartThings. You can also add/modify/remove codes through that SmartApp. I only use it for monitoring / visual status of the locks. I use the @RBoy app to configure and maintain any codes.

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Interesting, thank you. I have so many devices on the system, I’m sure there are plenty of ways to best utilize them that I haven’t explored/figured out yet. Sort of a double edged sword with a system so broad… there isn’t “one” way to do things, which also means you might not discover “the best” way to do things…

This is a very true statement. There are many ways to skin a cat within SmartThings.

For your siren, there are other ways to go about that as well. You can install webCoRE and setup a Piston that sounds your siren as well based on specific IF qualifications. This gives you more flexibility and control over your system, versus relying on SHM. I prefer not to use SHM for intrusion alerts (one because if you have an intrusion alert, you must clear it before it fires again).

We mentioned Routines and Smart Lighting before, and depending on your Requirements (local processing, etc.), webCoRE is much more powerful in what it can accomplish (Routines and Smart Lighting rules are based on very basic quailifications). By creating Pistons in webCoRE and classifying them in different buckets, I have found that it is much easier to keep track of where all my Automations are executed from and being able to troubleshoot from one place.

And before you say, I’m not a programmer, it looks to complicated, it’s too hard or I dont understand it, read-through the wiki for a couple of hours, watch the intro video. It will blow your mind at first, but many people with no technology background have said those same things above, only to come back later and say, OMG I can’t believe I didn’t install this earlier, it was so much easier than I thought, wow, I have so much power :slight_smile:

webCoRE and ActionTiles are the two biggest reasons I am still here. The custom lock by @RBoy and NST Manager by @tonesto7 SmartApps are a close 3rd and 4th reason. The 5th reason, a very strong community base with a lot of knowledge that provides assistance and recommendations, options, alternatives, etc… More times than not, you get what you pay for.

As for the degradation of the ST platform this year and the frustration levels that have been reached by a lot of customers, well I’m holding out that this is just a growing pains issue with their cloud restructuring, introduction of the new app and getting everyone migrated over so that everyone is accessing and functioning within ST from the same place and that reliability and stability retirn once again. Fingers crossed for a short period of time :slight_smile:

I’m going to first have to reinstall everything in the system. Nothing seems to be communicating and worst of all… the Samsung SmartCams don’t seem to be working and the SmartApp won’t uninstall… not sure how to fix that… grr

Is there any way to have the siren or an Iris keypad chime on door open? Or do I have to syart installing custom stuff for that?

Also is there any way to identify who unlocked the door with the correct code?