Help with smart alarm


Can you help me? i have installed the smart alarm i am using mine and my wife’s phone as present devices and i can not get the alarm to arm when we both have left the house. If i manually arm the alarm it will disarm when i get back.

I am new to smart things so still trying to figure things out.

Thank you.


smart alarm arms when changes modes to away or night… recommend you get my custom version of smart alarm that correct implements delay on arrival… anyway setup a routine that changes your mode to away when both phones leave… under routines… once this is running correctly smart alarm will arm automatically when it runs…

Also set up similar routines that set mode to home when each off you returns … have it change mode to home… again smart alarm will automatically disarm. I do this but use the Samsung presence sensors rather than phones, but should work with phones… just be carefull because if your phone shuts off or battery dies it may arm the system.

thank you for the reply i have set goodbye to automatically run when both phones leave and goodbye to automatically Arm but it dose not do it.

but if both phones are away from the house and i manual set the alarm and go back it picks up the phone and runs im
home and i have set that to disarm the alarm that works ok its just the arming.???

Arm and disarm have nothing to do with smart alarm. Have the routines set home and away more and double check what happens for those moses in smart alarm

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I have got it working now i set up a new routine for called out I set it up the same as goodbye and when we both leave it arms. do not understand why the pre done routine goodbye will not work lol.