Help With Sensors

I need a little direction.

I recently (Jan 2019) switched over from Lowe’s Iris to ST. I have had zero issues until about the last two weeks or so. I had several Iris door sensors and one motion sensor. The motion sensor was set to turn on a light controlled by a Lutron switch and the door sensor was used to tell the garage door whether it was open or not. Additionally I have a ST smart button.

Since about 2 weeks ago, all of the devices mentioned above are malfunctioning. The motion sensor sometimes turns the light on, sometimes not. The garage sensor is currently stuck on unavailable and so is the button. I just went out tonight and purchased new ST sensors and they are randomly working and not working as well. The place where those sensors are, are the furthest from the hub, but I’m confused why this just started happening over the past couple of weeks. Thoughts?

You’ve more than likely been impacted by the latest firmware update. Contact support and reference this discussion to see if this is applicable to you:

This sounds more like a Zigbee interference issue than a firmware issue. Is good to call support to confirm, but, based on your statement, the fact that these are furthest from the hub and working intermittently, I would go out and buy a few Zigbee outlets to see if your sensors work better. You should see an improvement within a few days, which is way faster than any help you might get from support. Keep the packaging so you can return the outlets if things don’t improve within a week. Be sure to turn off your Iris hub and power off your SmartThings hub for 30 minutes AFTER you add new outlets.

Good luck!