Ecolink door sensor with Mighty Mule driveway alarm

I have an Ecolink door and window sensor that I wired to the visitor led of a Mighty Mule driveway alarm, similar to this video

It works to send a notification each time the driveway sensor is tripped. The issue I am having is the idle state of the ecolink sensor alternates between open and closed each time the driveway alarm goes off - if the sensor shows closed and a vehicle trips driveway alarm, visitor led light flashes and ecolink alerts open. The ecolink will then show open until the next time a vehicle passes, when then tripped the visitor led flashes the sensor will change to showing closed. With the led flashes at each activation I am getting the notifications, but the way the idle state alternates each time I am not sure how I would ever use a driveway alert to then control an exterior light.

There are a few ways to do this, but one of the easiest and most reliable might be to use the smart lighting app to create two rules, one where the light turns on when the sensor “closes”, and a second one when it “opens”.

I am looking into the same setup. How did you end up solving this?

Found it :slight_smile: