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Help with new DH for Aust 3 Gang light switch - catchall included

(Waterydan) #81

Hi, I’m using @Marwan_Awroos DH for the 2 gang switch (mawroos/3ASmartHome-Zigbee-Devices/blob/master/Zigbee 2 Gang Switch). In ST app, it shows the switch as one device. How do I control each switch separately when using light automation?


Login to the Groovy IDE, create 2 virtual switches (1 for each gang), edit the 3 gang switch binder smart app (delete the lines referencing the 3rd switch) then save it as a 2 gang switch binder.

Install the switch binder smart app to your phone and then use it to connect the virtual switches to the physical socket, then you use the virtual switches to control each gang switch.

(Jonathan David) #83

Some assistance please - what DTH do I use for the 2-gang and 1-gang HUI zigbee switches? I assume the 3-gang DTH/smartapp wouldn’t be the right one.

(Waterydan) #84

I did that, but occasionally one of the lights will start blinking (on->off->on->off, etc). This won’t stop until I remove the switch binder smart app. I think this is the same problem as you described in one of your previous posts. Any idea how to fix this? Thanks!


PM’d you with my binder.


1 Gang DH
2 Gang DH
3 Gang DH
1 Gang Smart App - Not Required - Does not need virtual Switches
2 Gang Smart App
3 Gang Smart App

(Waterydan) #87

Thanks so much. I just updated my settings. So far so good!

(Ben Flux) #88

Has anybody with this device moved over and got it working in hubitat? :slight_smile:

(George) #89

I do. I wouldnt say it’s pretty, but I have it working.

I’ll post my code over on hubitat.

(George) #90