Help with new DH for Aust 3 Gang light switch - catchall included

Will this work with the following 4 gang switch :

Thanks for your work !!

hey… sorry I just saw your message.
I am not sure it will work being different brands

Can you make it more generic so any 4 gang switch will work ?

Hi Kortex,

Have you got an update to these DH and smart apps. I am having constant christmas light issue lately with my 2 Gang & 3 gand switches.
I am using the following Feibit Inc Co. switches
FB56+ZSW1HKJ2.5 - 2 Gang Switch - HGZB-042
FB56+ZSW1IKJ2.5 - 3 Gang Switch - HGZB-043

I am using these DH & Smartapp
2 Gang DH
3 Gang DH

2 Gang Smart App
3 Gang Smart App
Please help

Hi I found Eric M (erocm1231}'s modified DH which works very well with his Virtual Device Sync Create Virtual Devices and Keep Them In Sync With a Physical Device



So far this is working very well. Will monitor and advise. Hope this helps someone

Hi, hope someone can help. I have the 2 gang switch set up witht he device handler that shsurury posted above. Have also tried some others.
This is what the current states look like on my device, both switches are off. Doesn’t seem to be working properly