Help with making Remotec ZXT-120 report temperature more often

I purchased a ZXT-120 and have it working and am able to control my mini-split HVAC. But I was wanting to set up a thermostat type scenario where the ZXT turns the AC/Heat on/off depending on whatever conditions I set.

I need to have a reasonable temperature measurement in the room to do this. The ZXT has a thermometer but it seems to report the temp very infrequently. I know I could add more sensors but as I’m looking to implement this in 5 zones I’d prefer not to add a bunch of sensors, especially since the hardware is already there.

I created a custom device handler base off some code I found online:

Does anyone know how to increase how often the ZXT reports the temp?

Do you have the manual with the z-wave bits in it? You will need to see if they have one for reporting. They probably do and if so you will need to add it to the DH in the configure method.


Did you find the answer?