Help with harmony ultimate one and hub

according to the following article I should be able to have the harmony see my smarttings and control lights etc.

but there is no smarthings listed under home control on either the desktop app or phone app. only hue and nest?

You have to go into the Harmony app on your phone, and go to edit devices and link to your SmartThings account. Then it should work for you. Make sure you have the latest updated software on the Hub and your tablet or phone. You may have to force a sync within the application to make sure that the hub is current.

FAQ: About how to setup Harmony on Smartthings

@JDRoberts , did a very good job about explaining how to setup ST with Harmony. Please look this over and see if this resolves your issues.

That’s what I am trying to do I don’t see where to link the account under home control you can only pick hue or nest smartthings is not listed hub was updated and sync last night.

So you’ve bought a Harmony Ultimate One and then bought and added a Harmony Hub or Harmony Ultimate Hub?

You added the hub to the Harmony Ultimate One via the “Upgrade” option within the desktop MyHarmony software?

So now, when you use the desktop MyHarmony software, when the software first starts and you have to select a remote which you want to edit, the Harmony Ultimate One and the Hub are both the same item, correct?

What version firmware do you have on both the hub and the remote? (If you use the settings menu on the remote to find the version info it should tell you the version for both of them)

Yes correct… see pics but when.i start i dont have to pick a remote after you upgrade it just uses the hub , the.older harmony one without the hub is a separate account on my harmony and when I set up the hub it pulled everything in from the other account.

Oh I know what it may be… I purposely downgraded the app since the new one sucks. Let me try upgrading.

Nope.same problem with new APp version …only nest and hue listed under home control but I can choose smartthings under entertainment devices but I get the error in the screenshot below. Thanks for any input

I would contact Logitech about this, as it should detect and work. It does with mine and you are now using the same app that I use. It might be something not setup correctly on your account somewhere.

thanks for your help I emailed Logitech support. no reply but suddenly my myharmony account shows 2 remotes
one called harmony ultimate and one called harmony ultimate one… both with same ddvices and stuff.
anyway I was able to select smartthings under home automation… under one of them and suddenly it said there was another upgrade to my remote… and it upgraded the remote and hub further and now I can control stuff with the remote… kinda like having the old dashboard back in smartthings as it is grouped by types… and hey it doesn’t hang or crash… may be better to use it from the harmony remote in the short run until they fix the app so I don’t have to manually kill it 30 times a day when it hangs…

thanks again

Looks like your hub software is way out of date. I’m on 4.6.71 and actually just got a notification that it needs to update to the new version.

ya after upgrade now 4.7.84

Do I have to plug it in to the computer for it to update? I’m at work and was looking for a way in the app to update it. I’ve only had it a few weeks so I’ve yet to have to do firmware update.

I had to do it through the computer… in the app it said do it in the computer. when it “is working correctly” and you open my harmony on the computer and select the remote it pops up and says and update is avail… mine wouldn’t work… it hung… after waiting on support forever… (it didn’t find the remote when I plugged it in) I think there is a bug in the update procedure… she told me to ignore that and just go into sync… which I did… she said it does the same thing. I went into the remote )(in the myharmony on the computer) and selected sync (and go figure… this way it did recognize the remote) and it download and installed the new update to the remote… then it told me to select sync in the app and it downloaded and installed new hub software… kinda convoluted.

Thanks. I’ll take care of it when I get home. You would think it would be able to do it by itself since it’s connected to the internet.

on a side not for devices only thing working is lights. and switches. locks and motion sensors say “not ready” is this normal if so I will un-authorize them as no need to see them in the harmony remote.

ok see more stuff it forced me to log in again… most of the light switches like ge are actually under plugs… strange

the Honeywell thermostats don’t work have temps like 150 I will remove those…
also door control items like my real wdz004 garage door don’t appear to be recognized…
also don’t see smoke alarms or leak sensors anywhere even though I authorized them