Help with CT100 Thermostat

I just took down my Nest and put in a CT100 so I dont have to do the home to cloud to cloud to home to cloud thing :). I have tried MyCt100 LGK Customized and the stock CT100 Device handler and keep getting these errors whenever I refresh
Unexpected zwave command MultiInstanceCmdEncap(command: 49, commandClass: 0, instance: 1, parameter: [5, 1, 42, 2, 183])

Any ideas how to fix it?

Thanks in advance

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This works well for me… My Thermostat v7 by JSCGS350

This link below adds Clock Set and Humidity but has an issue with displaying the status line as shown in the link above.
Unit is Off
Fan is in Auto Mode and is idle.

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Thank you so much I have humidity and no errors now