Help with Casablanca fan & light switch

(Ron S) #1

Calling on buddies as how to replace this switch which controls the lights on the fan, speed of the fan and reverse motion too. It doesn’t have to be zwave but would be nice to have. Please help me on this one.

(Ken) #2

Replace the switch with a GE 12730 Z-Wave Smart Fan Control, if you have two hot wires from the wall switch to the fan. and put a GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Dimmer Switch to the light circuit.

(Ron S) #3

Thanks a lot… Will have to research a bit coz this is only second year of home ownership. The first year went quickly in so called “home automation” rather than necessary “home improvements”. Missus claims she has been “shocked” several times by this switch and it HAS TO BE REPLACED.

Is there any Lutron alternative (doesn’t matter if it works with ST or not.

(Keith Croshaw) #4

Yes dear lord take a crow bar to that death trap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Ernie) #5

I have a similar issue with a ceiling fan. As I am sure you know, there is no one switch that is z-wave for controlling both the fan and the lights. If you want to install two ge switches as indicated above you will need a neutral wire and will need to remove the electrical box in the wall, widen the hole and install a two-gang box. I am not super handy, so making a hole in my wall is out. I will be installing a ge 12730 for the fan control and using a Cooper Aspire RF9500 to control smart bulbs in the fan. The Cooper works well as a remote for the lights. You could also an aeon microswitch instead of smart bulbs.
If you don’t care about a smart switch, Lutron definitely makes a single gang switch that controls both the fan and the lights with sliders (S2 Skylark). This switch does not require a neutral wire.

(Jason Mok) #6

You probably need to open up and see the wiring inside first before you decide which switch is appropriate.

Here’s some of my personal favorite:
This is a 433Mhz remote that’s stuck to the wall, so no wires essentially but only you need to change battery every 5-10 years, you will never ever get a shock. Requires to install controller on the fan itself. Initially I was looking for ways for existing 433Mhz controllers out there to integrate with ST like Broadlink RM2 Pro. It seems like broadlink has their own close ecosystem and I can’t easily integrate it at all… oh well.

Depending on the wiring you have behind your wall panel. I haven’t installed this before. But it does look like it’s a suitable replacement for your current panel.
Try not to go with these kind. dust collects in those little holes overtime.

(Ron S) #7

Thanks a lot for the info. Will open the box and see what’s in there… Thanks again!

(Tim Slagle) #8

Glad to see you @smart!!!

Get rid of that thing… no sense keeping it. Those were notorious for shocking people even when they were new lol!

(Ron S) #9

That’s what we are thinking. Replace it with a newer fan and switch.