Help with basics

There used to be a nice diagram and tutorial on garage door automation. Since they apparently did away with that workflow, is there a new one that I can reference? I just see various forum posts on work arounds. Is there not an official solution anymore?

Also, is there a flow chart somewhere that explains the logic of the app? And, is there a way to change the default home screen? I have to click through 3 screens to get to anything useful. It is pretty irritating. I assume I am using it wrong.

Sorry if I missed it. I seem to have a hard time finding things in this forum.

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There’s no way to customize the order of screens in the SmartThings App. You can put your Things into groups called “Rooms”, so I guess that’s 3 clicks to activate something unless you are already on the Rooms page.

I’m partner in the very popular alternative web browser based client for SmartThings called SmartTiles.

This is the official into FAQ from the support link at the top of the Community page. It does explain the different sections of the mobile app, as well as the new smart lighting and smart home monitor features.

As far as garage doors go, the new official guide applies only to the garage door controller that is on the official compatibility list, the linear GD 00Z (also sold under the GoControl and Nutone brands). I believe that method will work with most tilt sensors that have the “garage door” capability in their device type.

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@tgauchat I have read up on SmartTiles, I just was hoping there was a better workflow for the app.

@JDRoberts Thanks for the GD00Z reference. I missed that and was still hung up on how to get the old approved parts to work. It looks like the GDOOZ -4 comes with a tilt sensor. Does that one work out, or do you have experience with it? Also, I thought ST defined device types. How does the tilt sensor define the ability to be used with a garage door? I don’t see in the app where I pick that application.