Play notification sound through Aeon Doorbell speaker when iphone presence detected?

Is there an existing SmartApp that would play one of the baked-in sounds (sound #4, instead of sound #1 that we use for the doorbell chime, for example) on the Aeon Labs Aeotec Doorbell chime speaker when my iphone presence (through smartthings app) is detected?

I see that I can use IFTTT to trigger the siren/strobe function, but no way to pick a different sound?

Eventually, I’d like it to say ‘Daddy’s home’ when I arrive, or ‘Mommy’s home’ when my wife arrives so that anyone inside gets a heads-up and can help with groceries or unloading the kiddo, or whatever. I know I can load custom mp3 files to it later, but for now I’d be happy just using the built-in sounds, just not the ‘siren’ that I see as the only option on IFTTT.
Presence detection is really great at our place due to the hub and one of two WAPs being in the garage.

You need this custom device handler:

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Thanks. I have the device type installed and working. How do I get it to play a specific track when my iphone presence is detected?

In the marketplace under smartapps you should be able to use speaker notify with sound and set up the arrival there, under the custom message just list the track number.

You should also read the thread as there is a lot more you can do with the device handler so there is some good info in there to catch up on.

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Oh, man!!! I can’t believe I missed that - I thought that stuff was only for Sonos speakers or something. Thanks!!

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very new to smartapps but speaker notify with sound seems so simple. I only want a sound to be played from the doorbell speaker when the front door opens. I filled in “Contact Opens” and filled in my front door switch, then looking down, see that the “Action”" is Bell 1. I gave the app a name but when I hit Done, it says that I have to fill in the required fields…not sure what else I need to give it.

additionally, Bell 1 and a bunch of the other actions seem to be sounds that don’t correlate to the files I saw on my doorbell when I connected it to my computer and looked at the files. Are they sounds that the doorbell is able to generate on their own?

any help appreciated. Trying to get up to speed on this stuff.