Help with alarm system - new to ST

Hi Everyone,

I am new to ST. I have spent the last 3 days looking at what I want to do with my house. We just had our first little boy and the wife and I agreed on getting an alarm system. I have looked through many options and I found ST. I think the idea is great!!!

Can someone point me in the right direction for a pannel? I really like the look for the 2 gig panel. I have been trying to to figure out if it will work with ST.

My goal is fairly simple.

I want to monitor open \ close of windows and doors
Get an alert on my phone
Turn off alarm via a pannel \ phone.

Thank you in advance.

Hey @di6it - I’d written up a pretty detailed response to another user interested in wiring up SmartThings as a security system. It’s probably worth looking over that thread and see if any of the points resonate with you:

Hope this helps!

What is the fastest way to turn off the Alarm when triggered by accident?

My wife was called into work early this morning and set off the Alarm, myself in a sleepy daze grabbed my phone and toggled through a few screens before turning off the siren before the kid’s woke up.

Could the + sign on the main screen be used as an Alarm reset button as well in future app releases? or an “Off or All-Safe” button when the alarm is triggered flashes in the app…?