Help with a 3 way setup

Hey guys, first post in this community, I’m having a little trouble with a wiring setup. I bought a 3 way motion sensor switch (Leviton IPSD6) and although it isn’t exactly smart, it’s still giving me a bit of trouble. From what I can tell, my current configuration is as follows:

Where I want to install this switch at the “master” location, ie. the box that has both the load and the line wires. The “remote” location I will leave as either a dumb 3-way, or upgrade to potentially a smart switch but not sure that is possible without a neutral.

First I tried placing the “common” wire from the dumb switch to the BK on the new Leviton and i installed the travellers to the other 2 lines, but that would only work when the dumb 3-way at the remote was in 1 position.

I was going to use what I saw in this youtube video (see last 1/3 of video, wallbox A):

But it’s slightly different in that they have 4 connections+ground vs mine which is 3 connections+ground. Is there a way to make this work?

What am I doing wrong?

Hi, welcome.

This is primarily a community for users of the Samsung SmartThings system. So most questions revolve around that system.

I had a quick look at the instruction sheet for your switch at

They definitely don’t cover the case you’ve got. The go-to guy here for tricky wiring problems is @ritchierich

I think you’ll have issues trying to mix a smart switch with the Leviton motion sensor switch regardless of the lack of neutral.

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