Help with 4 way wiring for Cooper RF9501 / RF9517

So it looks like I have an eletrical wiring like this:

  1. I assume the RF9501 (Master) goes to the switch on the right side in the diagram? 2) On the left-most switch, I only have black, red, white and ground all in one bundle so I’m a little confused. Can I assume that white is neutral? So white connects to Neutral on RF9517 (Slave switch), Red to Load, and Black to Line? FYI keep in mind that for RF9501/RF9517, no traveler is needed. Only the RF9501 (Master) needs to connect to the light. The RF9517 (Slave) only need a power source and communicates with the Master switch through Z-Wave.


  1. That is correct. And wire it like RF9501 instructions tell you with the light fixture load wire going to the red wire of the RF9501. The white is your neutral and the black is hot connection on the RF9501 so be careful when you disconnect the existing wiring (take a clear picture of the all wiring is always helpful for later just in case)

  2. All those bundles will be re-wired at each of the additional switch locations. You will basically be rewiring from a traveler use in the old hard-wire system to simply being power, neutral and ground now to the RF9517 accessory (slave) switches. So the red wire in those bundles will be spare with the new wireless system. So the end result will be: Starting at the master switch RF9501 gang box where the 2-wire power source is incoming, you will not only power up the RF9501 but also connect the power source blk hot to the blk 3-wire romex bundle, the wht neutral from the power source to the wht 3-wire romex bundle and then finally the copper ground of the power source should already be wire nutted to the copper ground of the 3-wire bundle. At the accessory switch location with the two bundles , you are abandoning the red wires so just cap them off just like you do at the master switch location. Connect the blk and wht to the RF9517 slave exactly like the instructions show you, blk is hot and wht is neutral and ground the switch with the copper wire then make sure you have the romex leaving that switchbox connected blk to blk , wht to wht, grd to grd because you will need to get power out to the last RF9517 slave. This is a whole lot easier than it reads. :relaxed:

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